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April 2018

Muziktology Proust Questionnaire #21 NinjA Cyborg

What is your idea of perfect happiness? A fireplace, a Juno-60, a bunch of recorded VHS with white tape full of crossings out. Eventually a NES. My mother own a place like this. We composed out there. What is your most marked characteristic? Our red dot eye. What do you consider your greatest achievement? Our...

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Jaye Jayle, Evan Patterson’s Americana-noir project, has not only opened a new chapter for the Young Widows frontman—it’s blossomed into a universe all its own. The newest arc in the Jaye Jayle narrative has been revealed with the announcement of the band’s sophomore LP No Trail And Other Unholy Paths, set for release June 29th via Sargent House. The album’s first single— the smoky, hypnotic track “Ode To Betsy”— is streaming today via Paste Magazine (and directly via YouTube).


ust over a half-decade since their self-titled debut, Split Cranium have resurfaced with the beat grinding, tongue-lashing I’m The Devil and I’m OK LP. Following up the sonic blitzkrieg of their first single “Evil Hands,” the crust/metal/punk project has dropped a video for the vitriolic d-beat scourge “Ingurgitated Liquids.” Watch the video in full via Metal Sucks today (or directly on YouTube).

The Creative Process #11 Luna Amară (w/ Mihnea Blidariu)

What are the actual steps that you take when you are creating? Do you need to enter or go to a certain setting in order to get creative? Oh, no. Ideas don’t wait for your mood or favorite creative set up. Sometimes they come to me when I’m on the street, or when I’m making love, or when I protest, or when I just smoke a cigarette out on the balcony… I try not to write them down on the spot, but rather to keep’em in mind and play them on repeat there until I go to rehearsal and show them to the boys…

by Phil Grey Agency