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Muziktology Proust Questionnaire #32 Poltergeist

Which historical figure do you most identify with? J.R.R Tolkien because of his appreciation for the simple things in life, poetry, comradery, poetry and language. Also his sort of apprehensiveness to accept the modern world and rapid industrialization. I probably wouldn’t agree with all his views but I feel I can connect to a lot of the themes in his writing.

Muziktology Proust Questionnaire #21 NinjA Cyborg

What is your idea of perfect happiness? A fireplace, a Juno-60, a bunch of recorded VHS with white tape full of crossings out. Eventually a NES. My mother own a place like this. We composed out there. What is your most marked characteristic? Our red dot eye. What do you consider your greatest achievement? Our...

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Muziktology Proust Questionnaire #15 BLN (Brazda Lui Novac)

What is your idea of perfect happiness? There is no such thing as perfect happiness. There are moments when you dive into something that captures you totally, be it a song, a movie or a book, or working on something you enjoy, and you forget about everything else. Being able to do such things is what I perceive as happiness. If I would have to synthesize it in fewer words, that would be “your kid’s smile” for sure.

by Phil Grey Agency