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June 2016

Muziktology’s Proust Questionnaire #4 The Danse Society

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Maeth: Being at peace with myself no matter what. Paul: Being in creative mode and making something special What is your most marked characteristic? Maeth: Unpredictably creative. Paul: Patience What do you consider your greatest achievement? Maeth: Being immune from outside influences of any kind, especially mass media....

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Be There or Be Square ! Outernational Days at Grădina Uranus & Club Control

The first edition of the festival aims at providing a fresh, contemporary perspective on the anthropology of Outernational music and to open the road to an inclusive society through the benefits of music. The project was born out of a cultural need of exploring a very wide musical specter, to which the Romanian audience lacked access until now. Outernational is an emergent cultural movement that gathers proportions on a global scale and in Europe respectively, but is not widely known in Romania.

by Phil Grey Agency