Today I was speaking with one of my World of Tanks mates about the lack of a music bot in our Team Speak room WOT+Music. During this talk he shared his love for alternative metal, for bands like Disturbed, Linkin Park, and Evanescence. As I am used to make music recommendation I immediately thought about Papa Roach, a band that apparently he did not know. I was happy I could make a good recommendation.

The album for today its Infest by Papa Roach released in 2000 at DreamWorks records. This is Papa Roach‘s second album, being released 3 years after their debut Old Friends from Young Years.

I was a bit stupefied at the fact that there are still people out there that did not listen to Papa Roach despite their hardcore break to mainstream in the 2000’s. For me Papa Roach is a mainstream alternative band that sounds really nice. I can’t say I am a big fan but in order to know or to explore the Alternative Scene of the 2000’s this album it’s a must to be listened.

I am more than sure that most of you are familiar with Last Resort and Between Angels and Insects. So I hope you will enjoy Infest and stay tuned for A song a day, coming later, I am more than certain that you will really love todays track.

P.S.: I’ve also just remembered that Dead Cell track was featured in the Queen of the Damned movie from 2002, this being the reason I started listening to Papa Roach.

papa roach infest

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