Again I must start by saying that I am kind of sorry for not posting every day but I don’t wish to post something just for the sake of it. I wish to recommend stuff that are a must listen and someway, somehow it touched me in a special way. If I would spam with albums every day, it would be easier to get a decent audience but it would lose and defeat the entire purpose of this blog.

To be totally honest I don’t want this just to be another blog recommending music. Let’s just say that I have some big plans but not it’s not the time or the place to discuss them.

The Rave Tapes was released in 2014 at Rock Action Records in the UK and at Sub Pop records in the US. It is the eight studio album by Mogwai, the post rockers from Glasgow, Scotland.

Mogwai is probably the most famous post-rock band out there, also one of the best and of the first in this genre.

I will clarify more about them in a post dedicated to them as artist but until then enjoy this album.

I was mesmerized by Heard about You Last Night and by No Medicine for Regret and starting from here I started to love this album and enjoy each listen through. That’s why I used them in my set list during my alternative Dj Sets.


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