I think and feel that the best way to start a Saturday is by going in full relaxation state of mind. I know that sometimes this can be really hard due to the fact that our age is filled with the struggle of life.  I wish sometimes everything would be simpler, less useless complications, less effort for ordinary things, less reaction to insignificant actions.

So like I promised in my last post I would like to introduce you to the amazing acoustic realm of Reveal by Elskavon.

It’s a really recent discovery for me too. I was listening to All Is Violent, All Is Bright by God is an Astronaut on YouTube and this album appeared in the upper right corner side in the recommended side. I was intrigued by the artwork and also by the genre description. After I pressed play I felt a wave of summer like warmth taking me a way in a wake dream where everything was perfect.

Elskavon is an ambient project by the American composer Chris Bartels. Reveal was released in August 2014 at Anthem Falls Music label.

A full article on Chris Bartels music will come soon under the artist a month section.  So stay tuned, relax and if you enjoy this album, make others happy by sharing this with them.

ELSKAVON album cover