DARKWAVE VIRTUOSO ALL YOUR SISTERS ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM, PREMIERE “DIVIDING LINES” The song appears on the forthcoming LP Trust Ruins, due out on April 12 via The Flenser.

“…an impressive post-punk/darkwave rocker…” – Destroy//Exist
With All Your Sisters, multi-instrumentalist Jordan Morrison lends sound to humankind’s darkest depths and deepest debasements. Morrison digs his heels even deeper into neo-punk electro-clatter with the forthcoming LP Trust Ruins, which will be released on April 12 by San Francisco-based label The Flenser. 
Listen to “Dividing Lines,” the first preview of ‘Trust Ruins,’ along with an in-depth interview with the artist via Post-Punk.
Informed by graveyard shifts as a paramedic, his fundamentalist Christian upbringing, and a slate of personal tragedies, Trust Ruins is the culmination of the debasement and primality Morrison saw in his surroundings. Teetering between disgust and despair, the ten tracks that comprise the LP are the score to a series of de-indoctrinating sermons, armed with marching protest beats.
“This record is about making hard life choices, living with those decisions, and the struggle to live life on life’s terms,” Morrison said of the album’s intent. “If I die tomorrow, I don’t want to have any regrets.” 
In need of an outlet to process the suffering that imbued his life, Jordan Morrison formed All Your Sisters in 2011. The stakes raised in the final months of 2016, when Morrison experienced the elation of becoming engaged in tandem with the fatal drug overdose of his brother-in-law, as well as the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland. Compounded with the recent presidential election, a sense of inescapable doom and dystopia lingered, forcing Morrison to re-examine the direction of his life. Trust Ruins is the product of that reflection.
Trust Ruins is available for preorder from The Flenser here. Stay tuned for more updates.
Trust Ruins — Track Listing: 
1. A Demon Left The Door Open 
2. Power Abuse
3. Your Way
4. Dividing Lines
5. Window
6. A Factory Of Unpleasant Dreams
7. Self-Medicating
8. Trust Ruins
9. The Enabler
10. The Deceiver

* top photo by: Jess Garten