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Proust Questionnaire

Muziktology’s Proust Questionnaire #6 Coastlands

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Jordan - Making a living doing something i am passionate about. Dan - Creating is about as close as it gets. We all have ups and downs and I’m not sure a perfect happiness exists. Sometimes the creation process is rough, but because of that, the feeling is indescribable when you find a sound that gets everyone’s blood pumping. Jason - Finding a medium between relaxing and heavily pursuing the things i have a passion for. Chad - Feeling a sense of meaning and enjoyment in my creative and professional life. Also, being able to recognize all of the wonderful things life has thrown my way.

Muziktology’s Proust Questionnaire #5 DinUmbra

What is your idea of perfect happiness? I think that’s a rather extreme concept. I can tell you what makes me happy instead: my wife, my family, the music I listen and I write, preparing a meal for my friends and sharing stories or ideas. A right mix of moderation, passion and honesty can increase your quality of life, or even make you happy.

Muziktology’s Proust Questionnaire #3 Crowd Control

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Intimidatah: A room with 2 desks. On one there’s woman making collages and on another one a man writing lyrics. Razvanescu: People I care about around me and a nice room with synths. By the sea. Coshmelin: My happiness begins when I build good relationships with the people around me. But also when I discover new music and manage to compose and play along my band, Crowd Control. My real, not ideal happiness is whenever something good around music happens, whether it is touring, love, everything mixing these feelings: passion about life and music.