ALBERICH UNVEILS “CHILSONG CHAMBER” FROM FIRST SOLO FULL-LENGTH IN ALMOST A DECADE The power electronics auteur breaks new ground with Quantized Angel, due out April 12th via Hospital Productions.

Alberich is the truculent solo project of underground super-producer Kris Lapke. Offering his studio skills to big names including Prurient, Nothing and The Haxan Cloak, Lapke has developed a sonic footprint that spawns as much shock as it does awe. Alberich has achieved a cult on par with many of the legends he works with, and has built a career from outright destroying musical norms.
Quantized Angel is the first proper follow-up album to Lapke’s wildly (and rightfully) embraced NATO-Uniformen (2010) LP, a factory-made techno symphony that chews through 2-and-a-half hours. In the years since, Lapke has preened his output as Alberich, growing more nuanced and atmospheric, zeroing in on the delicate counterbalance between attack and release. Over the course of Quantized Angels eight tracks, Alberich demonstrates a vision of ruthless existential electronics, a sound both commanding yet questioning in introspective spirit.
Listen to (and share) Quantized Angel’s second single, “Chilsong Chamber,” now via Bandcamp.
Quantized Angel is due out April 12th on Hospital Productions and is available for pre-order now.  Alberich will perform a record release show on March 29th at Brooklyn Bazaar.  Look for more news to surface soon.
Quantized Angel — Track Listing: 
1. Upper Mountains
2. Unity House
3. Chilsong Chamber
4. Escape
5. No Reference To The Absence Of Allegory
6. Quantized Angel
7. Freeze
8. Radio Op
Alberich — record release show: 
March 29 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bazaar w/ Mortiis