ENIGMATIC BAY AREA DUO MAMLEEK ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM + PREMIERE SONG Their fifth studio album Out Of Time is set for release on August 31st from The Flenser

“Mamaleek  present a strong argument for being the next California black metal  export worth following in the future.” - Sputnik Music
“The group cloaks its music in the kind of warm, hypnotic distortion that defines shoegaze, and underneath that haze is a style that's conceptually abrasive yet altogether beautiful.” - FORBES
San Francisco-based black metal weirdos Mamaleek are set to release Out of Time, their fifth full-length album and second for The Flenser. Musically, Mamaleek stands apart from the Bay Area’s most well-known black metal exports (Weakling, Leviathan, et al), and their connection to the genre grows more abstract with each release. This is especially evident on Out of Time, where the band has intensified their unique approach to heavy music with a variety of unusual samples—such as crooning from Turkish concerts, advertisements for items that long exist, and fragments of old pop songs. 
Listen to the album’s first single “The Recompense Is Real” today via Invisible Oranges.
Mamaleek consists of two mysterious brothers who, until now, have kept entirely to themselves about the project. Just recently the duo made their first live appearance, and Out of Time can be considered as the final chapter of this era of anonymity. Out of Time was recorded by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden (Deafheaven, Bosse-de-Nage, Botanist, etc.). This is Mamaleek’s first double album and it is their most ambitious work to date.
Out Of Time is available for pre-order here.  More news coming soon.
Out Of Time, Track list
1. If I Had This Time
2. Sicarii
3. Tree Sonorous
4. God is the Irrational Number
5. The Recompense is Real
6. Doomed Beast
7. Out of Love
8. Lapis Lazuli
9. Where is the Friend’s House?
10. My Master, My Father, My Author
11. The Last is the First
12. Almost Dead Dog
13. Absolute Knowing
14. At the Shrine of That Freedom Whose Cause You Had Betrayed