Mogwai will be performing live at ARTmania Festival 2018 in Sibiu, Romania, festival which will take place between  the 27th and 28th  of July.

As for Mogwai there is not much I can say due to the fact that they are one of biggest bands of post rock out there and most of the things are already known. What you need to know is that their live shows are precious gems of showmanship so in case you don’t want to miss that be sure you will be attending their show.  Maybe you saw them already live but they are that kind of band that you need to see as much as you can, each time something else magical happens and you will have a brand-new experience. Yeah, I think you’re right I’m a fanboy but still… Mogwai is a must see live show.

Their latest album is called Every Country’s Sun and was released in 2017.

Tickets available here:


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