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I created Muziktology with only one purpose in mind that of promoting extraordinary music and artists.

Hidden Gems in Plain Sight is a concept that reveals songs that are otherwise not visible to the general public and it’s not only about a single scene or genre it’s about the fact that this music should be heard worldwide without impunity.

Sit Down and Listen was inspired by my grandfather’s listening sessions that he was doing as a teacher during his years teaching in high school. He would bring his own vinyl player and vinyls to the high school and made his students understand how music is universal and how music is connected with other forms. He was a teacher of literature but his passion for music made him sacrifice one hour a week for each of his classes so his students could appreciate the touch of the finer arts.

For me personally Sit Down and Listen is a key aspect of listening to music because most of the artists included in this section created conceptual albums and it’s a shame to listen only to a song from an album that must be listened in its entirety.

Muziktology’s Proust Questionnaire explores the aspects of the people behind the music. Music is not created from thin air so the personality and other traits of character of the musician are the ones responsible from what comes out. Exploring the inner depths of the musician brings you a clear image of why and how the music sounds like it is.

The Creative Process was a personal curiosity that I wanted to explore in the musicians I love. I am also a creative type so that’s why for me it’s a like a lesson to learn about the creative process that some of my favorite artists use on a daily basis. Creativity is a hard thing to come by lately and finding out about how other people create is a pristine state of knowledge.



by Phil Grey Agency