Hello there! 

I will take some of your time and hopefully not waste it on the story of why I started Muziktology and what is its mission and intentions. 


First of all I would like to thank my good friend CSS for helping me with the project to move it again to a new home www.muziktology.com a home which previously was on but using direct wordpress service not independent like now. 

I know that the website which is now live on https://muziktology.wpcomstaging.com/ looks much better and is complete but the new material will find its resting place on the .com website. 


Muziktology started with the idea to post a an album and a song each day but I couldn’t meet this requirement so I repurpose it as an interview platform / magazine with two sets of questions, Proust Questionnaire in order to discover the human behind the music and The Creative Process in order to understand at a much better and clearer level how is the music make. 


From the start it was quite a hassle, emailing my favorite artists and new founds from Bandcamp mainly because the idea behind all of it was to promote good and diverse music from my own perspective. 


I know I haven’t posted anything new for some time due to struggling with the new backend of the website and also I hit a wall in creativity and energy but I will not let the project die. I hope to gather my strength and soon come on with some new interviews for you guys but until then I must admit to myself that It is hard to keep this one man band gig going. 


I would be really happy if I could find some music lovers like myself in order to bring their own contribution. I know it is not a paid job but for a passionate audiophile bringing its own juice to the game would mean the world for me to have different materials for you guys out there. 


 So the show must go on and I will try to listen to new stuff and expose new stuff for you guys to enjoy. Until then I wish you a refreshing and extraordinary rest of summer and hope to get in contact maybe with some of you. My email is [email protected]