Sometimes you don’t need words to tell a story, you can just do it by using sounds and images and the best part is that they are interactive

Of course, like the title is already pointing you in the right direction, I am talking about INSIDE, released in 2016 to critical acclaim by Playdead studio, founded in 2006 in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.


This is the second game of the studio which in 2010 released Limbo another impressive title which I am going to replay, record the gameplay and write something about it. Nevertheless, until then you will have to settle on what I have to say about INSIDE.

For me these kinds of games and I can talk also for a majority of other people enjoying games it can seem to be boring but this is not the case. Yeah, I forgot to mention that this is an adventure puzzle platformer but that’s not the important part of INSIDE.

INSIDE is an interactive audio-video narrative with no dialogue or exposition or any sort of text written or performed. But, the interesting thing is that it tells a story in a very peculiar way.


You just step into this world and you already feel a certain way, you can feel the darkness in the forest, you can feel the damp when the boy, the protagonist, is crawling through a swamp. Also, from the beginning, you have a clear idea of what happened to the world. And why this noir aesthetic is pushed hard in front of your eyes.

The colors are tuned down and the light as well only giving away certain points of interest. The way the world is shown tells a story and one which gives you free choice of what to make of it.

From my personal point of view, you could name this a neo-noir post-apocalyptical science fiction story and if you will question this, I don’t mind, but once you finish you will understand why.


I am trying not to spoil the ending because for me it was quite shocking, I wasn’t expecting things to happen the way they did. I was completely surprised in a very pleasant way.

Regarding the frustrating parts of some puzzles, I can just say that due to the fact that this is not linear because in some instances you have to backtrack or explore in order to figure out how to move to the next scene, it was really satisfying finding the solutions without the help of the internet. And you will see what I am talking about when you watch my gameplay and noticed how many times I fail at some parts.


All in all, I can just say that it is a must-play. It throws you in a dark and damp and deep atmosphere which few games manage to do especially in recent titles.

It took me around 4 hours with all my fails involved so take this time, relax and enjoy one of the finest experiences the gaming world has to offer. And also, I forgot to add that this took a BAFTA award home or more than one, any way you need to play and then you will know why I wrote this way.

With love and appreciation,



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